The Difference between Oakley Crossrange, Crossrange XL and Crossrange R

Oakley produce some of the best eyewear on the plant. Along with the eyewear comes the name for the different styles. These can be somewhat cryptic and hard to understand. So we have chosen to explain what the difference is between the Oakley Crossrange, Crossrange XL and Crossrange R.

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The Oakley Crossrange, Crossrange XL and Crossrange R all share common ground. Versatility. The Crossrange originally brought a solution to those with an active lifestyle. Those often seen on a bike or skateboard during their down time, this one is for you. The design is one that compliments an all day every look. However, it adds tech for those active moments in a way only Oakley seem know how to master. The temples and nose-pads in all versions of the Crossrange are interchangeable. These change between lifestyle and sport versions of each. The lifestyle is a more rigid plastic material. Whereas the sports version features a more sporty design and unobtainium elements. Furthermore, the design is rather similar in all the Crossrange Family.

The Difference in Short

The Difference between the Oakley Crossrange and Oakley Crossrange XL is just lens height. The Crossrange R just has a rounder lens. 

The Crossrange has a lens height of 43mm where the Crossrange XL has a height of 47mm. The Crossrange XL is also 1mm wider at 58mm.

Difference between Oakley Crossrange and Crossrange XL

The Crossrange came first. Then, the Crossrange XL. The best rule of thumb when buying Oakley products is to know XL doesn't refer to overall size. It only refers to the lens size. The square design of the Crossrange stays true, however a little larger in the XL. The XL features a lens height of 58mm and width of 47mm. This is slightly wider, however considerably taller than the Crossrange. This allows for a larger area of protection. We think this makes the XL more ideal for Golfing than the normal Crossrange. This is due to being able to see the ball when looking down during a swing, and when following it through the air. Furthermore, a larger lens is more on trend in recent times. Thus showing a more stylish design. The bridge size and temple size remain the same between these two. Both showing off a versatile design that can be worn in a range of situations. The square shape ensures a great look for those with heart, round and oval face shapes.

Difference between Oakley Crossrange, Crossrange XL and Crossrange R | Crossrange and Crossrange XL comparison | EyeWearThese

What makes the Crossrange R Different?

Difference between Oakley Crossrange, Crossrange XL and Crossrange R | Comparing Crossrange R and Crossrange XL | EyeWearThese

The Crossrange R is the new boy to the collection. Like the little baby brother of the family. The biggest difference is the rounded bottom. The frame still looks quite square, just with softer edges to mimic more of a trendy round shape. Not only is this more stylish, but softens the facial features of those with angled faces perfectly. Size wise the Crossrange R compares quite closely with the Crosslink. In the image (left) the Crossrange R is compared to the XL. They look quite a similar size. But in fact the XL has a slight tilt, making it look a little shorter than it truly is. And that is really where the differences end. It still shares that same wide range of Prizm lens choices. Still shares the beautiful active lifestyle mix design and practicalities. And it still shares the ingenious swapping of nose-pads and temples.

Which is Best?

So between the Oakley Crossrange, Crossrange XL and Crossrange R which is the best? Well, that really is down to preference. They all offer the same benefits. All serve the same purpose to an extremely high standard. It all boils down to preference over size and shape.

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