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Tom Ford Dimitry Sunglasses

Tom Ford Dimitry Review - Vintage inspired.

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These Tom Ford Dimitry Sunglasses are one that really make a statement. The Dimitry sunglasses sit bold on the face and are unapologetic in approach to a fashion forward design.


These Tom Ford sunglasses are the epitome of the Tom Ford ethos. Sleek and minimal. The seamless design flows perfectly. Only coming to a halt to produce a faux open brow design. Where the shiny metal rims align the gradient lenses delicately in comparison to the thick frame. The full design is reminiscent of an 80's style. Matching this with gradient lenses ties the Tom Ford Dimitry in with current fashion trends. These sunglasses pack a punch and don't come very understated. This is due to the fashion forward design and the dark colored frames available. Those with paler skin and lighter colored hair will see the sunglasses sit heavy due to the dark color.

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These Tom Ford Dimitry designer sunglasses for men throw up a couple of features that really grab our eye. The first is the Tom Ford logo. The T on the end piece. This is a feature that appears on most Tom Ford sunglasses. However, on the Dimitry Sunglasses, they are Rose Gold inserts. Of which we think add a stylish stark contrast to a dark frame design. In addition, we love the rubberized nose-pads. They are saddle like in design, therefore wrapping around the bridge of the nose and gripping for stability and comfort.


Overall, this interesting interpretation on a simple aviator style is refreshing, stylish and fashion forward. Ideal for the fashion savvy and those always looking to make a stylish statement with their fashion choices.

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