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Prada PS56MS Sunglasses

Prada Sport PS56MS Sunglasses. Aviators

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Prada Sport or Prada Linea Rossa boasts the Prada Sport PS56MS Sunglasses. These mens sunglasses feature a super masculine style in a popular Aviator shape.


The aviator shape is one that is forever popular. Never does it disappear from fashion. Therefore these sunglasses are a sure fire style to remain popular for years to come. Even when other trend enter and others fade. To us the design is nicely stripped back to show an industrial design. Therefore posting a strong masculine frame. Ideal for those no nonsense kind of men who aren't swayed by current trends and know what they like. The large aviator is simple in its design and offers maximum coverage for 100% protection against UVA and UVB rays. When buying aviators, try some on first. The shape sometimes pulls the face down making it look long. This in turn makes the sunglasses look unsuited to the face. If this is the case, try a gradient lens. This softens the shape and the face accepts the aviator more.

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Furthermore, the lenses feature a semi-rimless frame. However the rims feature on the back of the lens. This adds structure and durability. All while allowing the lens to be the central focal point. The visible screws in the lens add to the rustic, industrial design. Enhancing this style further is the exposed hinge. Showing the mechanism and workings, we think, is a nice touch to a strong design. Juxtaposing this is the chunky temples and double bridge. These further add to the robustness of the frame and overall strong, masculine design. However, these sunglasses are comfortable. The Nose-Pads adjust to fit perfect and the temples are a light acetate material. All to contribute for an easy all day wear, ideal for all occasions and driving.


For those who love branding, these sunglasses boast a large Prada Sport logo on the side of the temple. On the design we are featuring, this contrasts the black temples brilliantly for a design and brand recognition element.

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