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Persol 6649s Sunglasse

Persol 6649s Sunglasses. A large style with style and comfort.

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If you struggle to find a comfortable aviator style to fit your head, look no further. The Persol 6649s is full of Persol tech that enhances fit and comfort. In Addition, there is no compromise on lens quality.


The Aviator design is a popular one. One loved by many and worn by many more. Away from the standard aviator style, the Persol 6649s features a thicker acetate frame. And, in true Persol style, only the most premium acetate is featured. We love the little dip in the bridge. This little design element adds a unique and subtle feature. Furthermore it helps draw attention to a vintage Key Hole bridge. Bringing the chic retro style of Persol to the frame. A choice of Havana colors are available, which work well with many skin tones and hair colors. These cover the whole frame, only interrupted by the Persol Arrow. A feature that is synonymous with the Persol brand, and inspired by Roman swords.

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What sets Persol apart from other brands is the attention to providing only the best. This is created by using Crystal Lenses in the Persol 6649s. These are glass lenses which provide more protection and a clearer optical experience compared to plastic. Furthermore the Meflecto system of course features (The two metal lines on the temple).  This is a system only used by Persol and it encourages the acetate frame to bend in an unnatural direction to fit the face better. This relieves pressure and gains a perfect fit. In addition, the Victor Flex features. This is just like the Meflecto system yet in the bridge (The three grooves in the bridge). This widens the bridge around the nose to fit better.


In conclusion, if you look for comfort and style, these are for you. After owning a pair you will fall in love with the brand. Feeling the difference in fit will be an eye opener and ensure a stylish accessory at the same time.

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