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Persol 3153v Glasses Review

Persol 3153v Glasses. A beautiful frame for all.

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These glasses are a perfect example of Persol craftsmanship. All Persol frames go through the same hand made process. Ensuring quality, and uniqueness.


The round design is one that is on trend. Throughout 2018, the round shape was a hit. And, it doesn't show signs of slowing anytime soon. The minimal design perfectly compliment the trendy round shape. This opens up a plethora of audiences. From male to female, young to older. The Persol 3153v Glasses appeal to the new younger audience of Persol and the older audience too. We love the slightly thicker frame, which adds a strong retro feel to the frame. This is contrasted by the thinner looking bottom of the rim. In addition, the feel of the thicker premium acetate frame is one of strength. On touch you instantly feel the high quality guild of the frame. Reassuring you that this frame is built to last.

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These Persol 3153v Glasses showcase features we are accustom to in Persol products. Firstly, the Meflecto system. The ingenious flexible temple design that enables a comfortable and personalized fit. Next, is the Persol Arrow. The metal design at the end piece, which adds brand recognition instantaneously. Further is the wire core which is visible through the almost translucent acetate. This adds strength and stability for a robust frame. Finally, there is the rims. These are slightly deeper where the lens is housed compared to some frames. This makes them ideal for a stronger prescription, as thinning of the lens will be lesser and in turn cheaper. Result.


In all, we love these frames. We think they provide a wonderful up to date look that will draw compliments by many. Due to the round shape, these glasses soften angular shapes in the face. Therefore, these are ideal for Square faces.

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