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Oakley Pitchman R Sunglasses Review

Oakley Pitchman R Sunglasses Review - The sun version of the popular Pitchan R. 

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At EyeWearThese we love Oakley sunglasses. We think the technology within each model is phenomenal. The attention to detail is second to none, and obviously, the sports sunglasses are top of the class. But, we are suckers for a lifestyle frame too. That’s where the Oakley Pitchman R comes in.



First, let's look at the design. It isn’t a revolutionary design, not like the Diecutter. But, that’s fine because Oakley has taken the successful Pitchman R glasses and transformed them into a fine looking sunglasses model. The key features, such as a keyhole bridge is still present, and the steel, flat temples, are still on the model. This keeps the distinct features of the design that made the glasses version of the Pitchman R glasses so popular. 

The round shape is really on-trend, especially around the release time for the Oakley Pitchman R. We saw a rise of this shape at festivals, on celebs faces and around town. Oakley really nailed the release date of these sunglasses. We think that the Oakley Pitchman R is a similar style to the Latch. However, it has an older feel, almost like a more grown-up version of the Latch. The temples are a little thinner and the design is a lot sleeker in comparison.

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We think the adult feel comes from the premium choice of materials. Oakley O Matter for the frame, and steel for the temples. Yes, steel temples. They’re really light and obviously really durable. They’re covered nicely in strategical places with Unobtainium sleeves. This doubles up as a comfort feature just above the ears and to increase grip. These temples are fixed to the frame with Oakley’s Hollowpoint hinges. These are originally inspired by the hubless motorbike wheels. Like the wheels remove the spokes, the hinges remove the screw. This allows for a smoother, longer-lasting hinge. And, removes that moment we’ve all experienced where the screw pops out and gets lost into the carpet somewhere. 

The fit is superior as expected with Oakley sunglasses. The Three-Point Fit feature is present. Only allowing the frame to touch the nose and above the ears. This not only releases the pressure on the head but keeps the sunglasses perfectly aligned at all times. So, rearranging your sunglasses throughout the day as they slip slightly is a thing of the past. What a relief!


Now, let's talk about the lenses. Just like all Oakley sunglasses, the lenses offer a high level of shatter and impact resistance, just to cover all eventualities and for added peace of mind. But for their primary function, the view through the lenses are top of the class. HDO or high definition optics give an optical experience rivalled by few. 

The choice of lens is, as expected, plentiful. Including Oakley Polarized lenses and the ever-impressive Prizm lenses. This gives a choice of color, for the style-conscious, and a choice of technology for the tech-savvy and true Oakley fan.  

Oakley Pitchman R Sunglasses fit like a traditional lifestyle frame. Think more fashion when it comes to the fit of these sunglasses, like Ray-Ban or Oliver Peoples sunglasses. The wrap that is present in many Oakley sports sunglasses doesn’t transfer to these. Pitchman R Sunglasses do fit comfortably as mentioned above. But if you’re wanting that secure, close fit that curves around the eye, these aren’t the ones for you.

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To conclude is Oakley Pitchman R sunglasses review, we think these are a great pair for those who are big Oakley fans already looking for something a little less sporty. Alternatively, the Pitchman R sunglasses are a great choice for those wanting to venture into the Oakley brand and don’t know where to start.

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