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Oakley Outpace Sunglasses Review 

Oakley Outpace Sunglasses. Sporty sunglasses specifically for women. 

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Sometimes, Oakley is perceivedmore as a male brand. However, these Outpace are a women's frame. Slightly smaller to fit small to medium sized heads, the Oakley Outpace should help you do just that to your opposition or PB.


The aviator like shield shape is rather fashionable at the moment. It is a shape we are commonly seeing from high fashion brands like Versace. But, the vented lenses bring us back down to earth, letting us know these are truly for sport. Slits at the top of the lenses ventilate the air to help prevent fogging. A C-5 metal structure above the bridge supports the singular lens. Similar to the Oakley Turbine Rotor's design. Therefore the singular lens is supported for more durability. In addition, the sides of the lenses feature a side shield. This prevents glare seeping in from around the side of the lens. Furthermore, this helps prevent wind from entering the eye when hitting high speeds.

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The frame features a mixture of O'Matter and C-5 Metal. The O'Matter features on the temple to provide a light feel around the ears. Whereas the C-5 metal boasts a durable and light frame to house the lenses. The lenses within the Outpace are HDO lenses, to provide clear optics. Also, the lenses are available in Prizm lens choices. The most advanced lens technology on the plant, which you can choose to fit your surroundings for your sport. If your sport is running or cycling or trekking, you can guarantee that the frame will fit perfect with a combination of Oakley's 3-point fit and an unobtainium Nose-pad with temples designed to play nice with hats and helmets. The temples boast the Oakley logo for instant brand recognition.


For sports enthusiasts of all levels, the Outpace is ideal. Boasting technology that only enhances wear and optical experiences in a world of sport, anyone can benefit from.


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