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Michael Kors 1010 Adrianna Sunglasses

Michael Kors 1010 Adrianna Sunglasses Review - Simple, yet breathtaking. 

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Michael Kors boast the 1010 Adrianna sunglasses in their collection. The huge fashion company has only had an eyewear collection for 4 years. But in that time they have mastered the simple, fashion must haves for women. This is most evident with these Michael Kors Adrianna Sunglasses


These light and versatile sunglasses effortlessly tie together metal and acetate as one. And this is most evident in the colorway we chose to photograph, the Black gold with a fashionable grey gradient lens. The stark black acetate sandwiches the metal rims to add a more matte and dark contrast. This allows the metal rims to poke to past the acetate. Therefore lifting the dark heavy black. In turn, suiting more complexions and hair colors. Thus ensuring a more suited look for more people.  Furthermore, when worn, the metal bridge looks delicate. This is due to its think light look compared to the large rims that can look oversized on some faces, in a good way. We think that this style is perfect for many occasions, such as commuting, shopping, walks and holidays to name a few.

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The overall style of these sunglasses is very minimal yet effective. A rounded square look is synonymous throughout. From the rounded square lenses to the rounded squared plastic temple tips.  We love how the end pieces curve to continue a flat surface at the front, yet keep a regimental like straight temple. Even the branding on the temples and lens is simple stark with rounded edges. In addition to the lens branding, the lenses boast great protection against UV rays. In fact, giving 100% UV protection, which gives great piece of mind, that not only are these sunglasses amazing to look at, but safe to look through. Additionally, the sunglasses are comfortable too thanks to the adjustable nose-pads and the plastic temple tips.


In conclusion we think these sunglasses really stay true to the Michael Kors brand. We think the style is one that is easily transferable to many of the brands products. Therefore giving strong brand recognition, and a style to wear anywhere, especially to the beach.

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