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Emporio Armani 4029 Sunglasses

Emporio Armani 4029 Sunglasses Review - Think big. 

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These Squared aviator sunglasses from Emporio Armani make a statement. They're big and bold. Ready to give that celeb like look to anyone.


The big and unapologetic design for these Emporio Armani 4029 Sunglasses really stand out. Therefore we think these will look best on those with darker hair and features. This is due to the large dark and stark contrast it would create against fair hair. These really cut a masculine feel with straight line designs and a matte finish on the injected rims and the matte temple tips. These feel almost rubberized in texture. Ideal for the nose-pads which are the same material. These mould out of the rims in a saddle style for a secure fit that is close to the face. Furthermore, the face side of the bridge is indented slightly, which makes for a better fit. Therefore, we must say, these large Emporio Armani sunglasses may look large and bulky, but are indeed light and comfortable.

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The large square aviator style will suit more faces compared to a classic aviator shape. This is due to the shape not sitting as deep as a traditional aviator shape. In fact, these sunglasses will best suit heart, round and oval face shapes. Find out more in our Face Shape Guide. The thin metal temples beautifully contrast this. Adding a little thinness to a thick design. Yet still providing a sleek masculine and industrial feel. We feel looking at the metal temples is almost like looking at the inner workings of the sunglasses, with the black matte coating cut away. These are interestingly decorated with a logo made of the same material as the rims. This cuts away leaving the head of the bird in the Armani logo standing proud. Perfect for instant brand recognition, which pairs nicely with the brand name in the desirable gradient lens.


For as much as we love these affordable sunglasses, we believe these are best for the older target age range for Emporio Armani.

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