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Bvlgari BV4130KB Glasses Review

Bvlgari 4130KB Glasses. A fine example of premium female eyewear.

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Looking for a high end pair of glasses? Or maybe a luxurious eyewear gift? Then these Bvlgari are definitely the pair you're looking for. Ideal for a mature women and/or a huge Bvlgari fan.


The frame is a tall rectangular one. Cutting a classy, and always on trend silhouette. Working in collaboration with a standard acetate frame. This frame offers a classic look that will never be out of place. In years to come, the frame will still be pleasing to the eye. We think that this complementary to a mature women. One who loves to work hard and play hard. These glasses are perfect for showing off to the world. In a work environment a classy and professional look is easily made. Whereas when worn in an evening, maybe during a meal out for example, these glasses show a playful, elegant and beautiful style. One of the most elegant details we love is how the hinge is incorporated to the metal detailing on the temples. Portraying a true display of craftsmanship.

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Speaking of the gold plated temple detailing, this really steals the show. In true Bvglari style, the jewellery-esque design is the drawing focus. This is gold plated, and decorated with a deep colored stone. The design emulates a frill design, really cementing the feminine tones of these glasses. Closely following behind the detailing is the branding. A simple font displaying the Bvlgari name. Enough to capture the eye of an onlooker. However, simple to not overpower the frame. If these glasses fit your style, go for these Bvlgari 4130KB. They're certain to wow year on year.
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