Get the Look: of Actress Naomi Watts

Get the look of Naomi Watts wearing Giorgio Armani sunglasses.

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Get the look of Naomi Watts at venice film festival |



We love the choice of sunglasses. These are really a bang on trend style. The mirrored round lenses are a real favorite of many at the moment. This combination screams summer and especially, festival. In addition, the double bridge created by the Top-Bar is another big trend. Only backed by the flat temples. Both features being championed by new Ray-Ban sunglasses releases.



The English actress and producer, Naomi Watts attends the Venice Film Festival. Naomi Watts wears a pair of Giorgio Armani 6051 Sunglasses. As she jets across one of Venice's many canals, Watts demonstrates a beautiful and achievable style for many women. One that is both elegant and appealing. To a level fit for a celeb, but not to glam it is unachievable by us Average Joe's.

Naomi Watts styles her outfit perfectly. She ensures each item is in keeping and color coordinated. Her pale light blue top not only matches a wonderful summery feel, but creates a strong block of color. From this she is able to compliment with golden accessories. This is perfect for her light complexion and skin tone, as well as her blonde hair. Also, in summer and spring, this is a great combo for matching the light days. We love how the gold jewellery matches the gold of the sunglasses. But more importantly, how the blues in the jewellery match the blues of her top. This level of matching continues perfectly all the way to the sunglasses. These Giorgio Armani 6051 Sunglasses feature a transparent insert on the rim. This, we think, compliments the see through sleeves.    

Giorgio Armani 6051 Sunglasses | Get the Look of Naomi Watts |

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