Best Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes

Contact lenses provide so many positives to many peoples lives. They give people who don't like the look of eyeglasses a confidence boost. They allow you to go about your day without the worry of damaging your glasses, such as when playing a sport. But, sometimes contact lenses can be a real pain. Sometimes, your eyes become dry and irritable. Odds are, you're reading this because you have this sensation or have recently. Don't worry, this is more than likely dry eye. It's mostly a temporary feeling and easy to prevent. A lot of the time, it might just be the lenses you're wearing. So, we'll let you know what we think are the best contact lenses for dry eyes.


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What is Dry Eye

Dry eye is a temporary eye condition where the eye doesn't produce enough natural tears to keep the eye moist. Or alternatively, the tears produced are dried out too quickly. Typically people find this when working or sitting in front of a computer for a long period of time. Due to staring at a screen, you blink less, therefore your eyes begin to dry. Subsequently, so do the contact lenses. That is when your eyes start to become red, irritable and you want to rub them a lot. 

It isn't just sitting in front of a screen that causes dry eye though. So does hot and dry rooms or ones with air conditioning. These environments are dry and starved of moisture. So, your eyes start to dry too. But sometimes, it can simply be overwear of the lens. 

If you have felt your eyes become stingy, sore or itchy and had the overwhelming desire to rub those eyeballs every minute, it's likely you were experiencing dry eye. Sometimes, your eyes may be tired, light-sensitive or even your vision blurry. These are also some symptoms of dry eye. More symptoms can be found on the NHS website

The best thing to remember about dry eye is that most of the time it is temporary. It isn't something to worry about, and if you are sensible and follow good contact lens practise, then it is easily avoidable.

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How can I get Rid of Dry Eye?

Dry Eye is temporary and a lot of the time is just your bodies way of letting you know your eyes need a break. Tearing yourself away from the screen, removing your contact lenses and getting some sleep is the best way to get rid of dry eyes. This allows you to get moisture and oxygen to your eyeball and let the muscles in your eye relax.

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However, sometimes we know it isn't possible just to go to sleep whenever you get dry eyes. A lot of the time you can get instant relief from eye treatments such as eye drops. Ask your eye doctor which they recommend and how to apply this correctly. You can also help soothe your eyes by removing your lenses and swapping to your glasses. This allows oxygen to get to your eyes and encourage more moisture to build again. 

The best way to get rid of dry eye is to prevent it in the first place. Making sure you only wear your contact lenses for the length of time they’re suggested to be worn for is a good start. If you wear monthly contact lenses, then make sure you take a break from wearing them throughout the month, don’t just constantly keep them in. Finally, keep them clean! Dirty lenses can have build-ups of protein on them which can cause dry eye too. 

Be aware of your surroundings too. If you are in front of a computer or screen, take regular breaks. Think of the 20-20-20 rule. Every 20 minutes look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. Think about blinking too. You know how it is, when you think of blinking or someone mentions it you can’t stop blinking. I reckon right now you’re thinking about how much you’ve suddenly started to blink. That’s good! Keep that up, it is keeping your eye moist (sorry for those who hate that word) and preventing dry eye. This is a great tip for if you’re in an airconditioned room.

The Best Daily Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes

Sometimes just the change of contact lens can help a lot. Your eye might have changed shape so the lens could be the wrong fit. Or you might just need to change your routine or type of lens. If you are wearing monthly lenses and are finding you are getting dry eyes a lot, it might be time to change to dailies. In particular Dailies Total 1 Contact lenses. In our opinion, these are the best contact lenses for dry eyes. Let us explain ourselves.


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Dry eyes happen when you don’t have enough moisture in your eye. Total 1 lenses are water gradient lenses with technology that continue to release moisture throughout the day to keep those eyes hydrated. Then at the end of your wear, you throw them away. This prevents the build-up of protein deposits on the lens causing irritation too. And, while we’re on the subject, the wear time before disposing of these lenses is up to 16 hours! So you can go longer before these lenses are deemed overused compared to many daily lenses.

The material of a lens makes a huge difference. Oxygen still needs to get to your eyeball. Putting a contact lens on your eye makes this more difficult as you can imagine. So finding a lens with a breathable material is a must to prevent your eyes from drying out. That’s why we think Dailies Total 1 lenses are the best contact lenses for dry eyes as they’re a silicone hydrogel lens. Silicone Hydrogel is a soft material that allows 5 times more oxygen to pass through the lens to your eye. Perfect for helping prevent that burning and itchy feeling. 

And what’s more, they’re available in a multi-focal lens! So, even if you require contact lenses for reading and distance and suffer from dry eyes, you can still benefit from Dailies Total 1 Multifocal lenses.

As always, consult your optician before changing your lens. Your optician knows your requirements and what lenses fit your needs. If your optician says Total 1’s are suitable for you, give them a try. You might just realise they are the best contact lenses for dry eyes after all.

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